Support the Disadvantaged
and Relieve the Poor

Beijing Hony Charity Foundation

Founded in June 2009, Beijing Hony Charity Foundation is the first non-public charity foundation established by a private equity institution in China. Beijing Hony Charity Foundation follows closely with Hony Capital’s corporate social responsibility. With children and the disadvantaged as the main beneficiaries, Hony Charity Foundation has participated in charity events related to education, culture and healthcare. To date, it has funded over 30 philanthropic programs, through which in excess of 60,000 have benefited.


  • Caring for the Growth of Children and Juveniles

    Project about Donating the Education for Orphan Children

    Since 2015, Beijing Hony Charity Foundation has been donating Chunhui Children's Foundation for many years in order to support the education and care project for orphans and disabled children.

    Program on Supporting the "One Village One Preschool" Project

    In order to provide better preschool education opportunities for children in poverty-stricken areas and promote social fair development, Beijing Hony Charity Foundation donated to the China Development Research Foundation and participated in the construction of “One Village One Preschool” in Qixingguan District, Bijie City, Guizhou Province. So far, 50 kindergartens have been put into use.

    Assist Special Education for Juveniles

    Since 2010, Beijing Hony Charity Foundation has been donating the Peizhi Central School in Beijing Haidian District (now merged with Beijing No. 3 Deaf School into Beijing Jianxiang School) to support the development of special education.

  • Support the Development of Education

    Establish “Zhao Shiliang Grant of Nanjing University"

    Since 2009, Mr. John Zhao has donated money to establish Zhao Shiliang Grant of Nanjing University through Beijing Hony Charity Foundation. He has supported students with excellent academic performance and difficult family status for many years.

    Support the "Teach for China" Teaching Project

    In order to promote the development of areas with weak educational foundations, Beijing Hony Charity Foundation has supported the “Teach for China” teaching program for many years. Each year, it recruits outstanding young people from top universities and society in China to areas where the educational resources are scarce. And those who participated in this project should be in the position for two years.



  • Support Healthcare Service

    Participate in the Construction of "Lifeline Express"

    In 2011, Beijing Hony Charity Foundation participated in the “Lifeline Express” project of China Lifeline Express Foundation. Through this project, it provided free rehabilitation surgery and medical services for cataract patients in poor and remote areas. From 2011 to 2018, volunteers from the Beijing Hony Charity Foundation participated in the China Lifeline Express Parent-child Visiting Group, in which they followed the “Lifeline Express” to enter the remote and poverty-stricken areas and provided the opportunity to see the brightness of the world for the cataract patients there.

    Donate and Build the “Leukemia Service Hotline”

    At present, about 80,000 to 100,000 people in China are newly diagnosed with leukemia each year. However, the domestic information services for leukemia patients are amazingly scarce. In 2011, Beijing Hony Charity Foundation participated in the Leukemia Patient Service Hotline Project of Beijing New Sunshine Charity Foundation, and the funded the establishing of “China Leukemia Patient Service Hotline”.

  • Serve the People’s Livelihood

    Participate in the Beijing Poverty-Stricken Population Assistance Project

    In 2018, the Children’s Home assistance project of Beijing Hony Charity Foundation in Liangxiang town, Fangshan district, Beijing city financed the establishment of Children's Home and equipped with books and toys. It also hired social workers to provide child supervision, care, consolation, fitness, child protection and other work. What’s more, it provided classes to well build the ability of those child supervisors in all villages across the town.